Farmingdale Pharmacy offers:

  • Customized Medication Packaging Systems Which Simplify the Task of Taking Complex Daily Drug Therapies see example
  • Multiple Daily Deliveries
  • Patient-Friendly Compliant Packaging Program
  • Direct Pharmacy Relationship – No Middlemen
  • Refill Synchronization
  • Pharmacy Consultation
  • Seven-Day Pharmacy Services
  • Emergency Medication Services
  • Medical Packaging Services
  • Personal Farmingdale Customer Care Representatives
  • Customized Medication Reports
  • Personal Communication with Patients, Family Members, Physicians, and Insurance Companies
  • Participation in Most Insurance and Medicare Part D Plans

The benefits to patients include:

  • Easy-to-use systems video
  • Fast treatment due to on-time delivery and medical packaging
  • Less confusion because of easy-to-understand packaging options
  • Safety of medication due to ease, convenience, and accuracy of packaging options video
  • Longer recovery periods because of confidence in medication program
  • Less anxiety due to support from personal attention
  • More flexibility for residents/patients, especially for home visits and program doses

The benefits to an organization include:

  • Easy-to-teach systems video
  • Less time attending to medication issues due to fast and accurate response
  • Safe administration of medication due to accuracy of program and medication packaging video
  • Medication program customized to meet your needs
  • Helps maintain medication compliance and reduce risk of liability
  • More time serving the patient and less time managing medication program
  • Healthier residents in short term and over the long term

Pilot Programs Available

See if a Farmingdale Pharmacy Pilot Program can help your organization serve your clients better.

Let us implement a pilot program offering medical packaging for a variety of different client groups including:

  • Specific level of service
  • A test location or facility
  • New clients/residents only
  • Selected medication group
  • Selected treatment group
  • Specific type of client/resident


  • 1Select a Farmingdale program to pilot
  • 2Pick a population

Old-Fashioned Service

Advanced technology such as medical packaging is of no value without the people who make it work. Accordingly, our medical packaging offerings and the Farmingdale Pharmacy service team includes a member who is totally dedicated to serving our clients as relationship manager.